Treasures Of Ambiance is the new era of gift baskets.  It was designed by Latesha Stuart.  Stuart named the company for her mother.  Founder Stuart began working on the products for her line of baskets in 1995. One holiday evening, Stuart was out looking for a beautiful and amazing gift for her mother.  Her mom wants gifts like the ocean.  It's simple, breathtaking, and one of the most extraordinary creations.  She quickly realized how exhausting it is to try and capture that ocean-like beauty, all in one gift.  Every store she visited had “run of the mill," overpriced gift baskets.  Giving a gift like that clearly shows lack of time and thought.  While driving home she thought, people deserve something more.  They deserve a company that not only works hard to make money, but also works hard at making the perfect gift.  Latesha gathered the ocean and created a "gift treasure" for her mother.  Inspired by her mother's reaction, Stuart designed her first line of baskets.  At her first showing, every gift basket sold.

At Treasures Of Ambiance, we put special thought and care in creating your all in one gift.  If you are looking for a gift treasure, you've come to the right place.  Our focus at Treasures Of Ambiance is originality and quality.  We have been the #1 choice for unique gift treasures for over 15 years.  Our gifts capture just the right ambiance of the moment.  Prepackaged gift baskets are a thing of the past.  No more giving you the illusion that there's more to the gift.  No more cheap wicker containers with only a few things inside and loaded with tissue paper.  At Treasures Of Ambiance, we guarantee your experience will always be more than meets the eye.  We believe you should get what you pay for and the gift of "Treasures Of Ambiance" is priceless. 

 Treasures Of Ambiance 
the distinctive gift