1) THE CONTAINER - Unlike other companies who use the typical straw basket, we use only the finest gift holders, such as:  wrought iron or wood infused wicker baskets, luxurious hat boxes,  gorgeous planters, and  fabulous treasure chests of many sizes.
2) THE PAPER STUFFING - What can we say, other companies use it, WE DON'T
3) THE GOODS -  We all know other companies give LOTS of stuffing, LOTS of crap, and very FEW items you can enjoy.  But at Treasures Of Ambiance, we do everything different.  This is why we're unique.  We guarantee your gift will be overflowing with pleasures you can enjoy from top to bottom. 
THEIR GIFT BASKET - This coffee basket is filled with paper, with a cloth trimming around the edge.  It has a pack of coffee, some bars of chocolate, a small bag of trail mix, and a couple of coffee samplers.
OUR GIFT TREASURE - This Coffee Treasure is stuffed with a plush throw, a bag of coffee, 2 Peir 1 tea light holders ( with tea lights ) a large round scented candle and candle holder, 2 ceramic mugs, 2 ceramic coasters, a ceramic sugar and creamer set, a gift card to the client's favorite coffee house.  And of course lets not forget our SIGNATURE TREASURE. 
4) THE SIGNATURE TREASURE - It's all in the name.  We're not called Treasures Of Ambiance for nothing.  It wouldn't be a treasure without a bit of a treasure hunt, so we like to add a little something extra, hidden at the bottom of each gift.  So you see, everything in your gift treasure will always be something you can use.